Strategy workshop in Huzhou (CN)

Embracing Change
4SCENERGY partnered with Zhejiang Jingneng Phosphor Material to conduct a two-day interactive workshop, charting a new course for the future.

A Changing Market
In a dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, adaptability and innovation are key to sustained growth and success. Established in 1972, Zhejiang Jingneng Phosphor Material CO., Ltd. has thrived for decades, primarily in the fluorescent powder market for lighting applications.
Recognizing the shifting dynamics within the lighting industry over the past decade, it is imperative for the company to explore new opportunities and is charting a new course for the future.

A Fresh Perspective
The workshop Embracing Change initiated a mindset change:

  • Identifying not only the potential constraints, hurdles, and roadblocks but also the untapped opportunities based on Jingneng’s key competencies and capabilities.
  • Draft Business Cases and feasibility studies, outlining the potential for growth based on both, new products for existing markets, and existing products for emerging markets
    (e.g. pharma, food and feed).
  • Impact Assessment, investigating the possible consequences, proactively aligning the production facilities and personnel, with the possible new products and/or market segments.

Promising New Chapter
The initiated journey, signifying a fundamental shift, is just the beginning of a promising new chapter for Zhejiang Jingneng Phosphor Material. The company will continue to work closely with 4SCENERGY to execute the action plan, refine the business cases, and navigate the evolving landscape in the industry.
By the end of Q1 Q2024, the course will be set for success in new and emerging markets.