Succesfully completed assignment at Nyrstar

“Rene is – besides an excellent trainer – a very competent procurement professional and manager. He is solid and has an open and honest way of presenting and communicating. Rene is very experienced in change processes and enjoys doing it. He radiates energy and clearly indicates what can be expected of him. He is clear to employees & stakeholders and will also indicate what is good or not good. He does not avoid confrontations and always approach others with respect. Rene is a very pleasant professional to work with and work for. He will protect people where necessary, but also address them where necessary.
Rene has – on interim basis – managed one of the company site procurement teams for a period of 9 months. In these 9 months he managed this very well, delivered results and established an excellent footprint with employees, stakeholders and management. I therefore highly recommend Rene for interim management.”

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