…I became 4SCENERGIZER for a special reason…..

I will tell you my story:


After I studied Chemistry at a university of applied sciences and got into global management positions, it became increasingly clear to me that making connection and clarity, through openness and transparency, leads to a more effective and result-oriented organization.

I am acquainted with many other cultures and I experienced that connection is only possible if you are open to other ideas and habits.

With THESE insights I have supported various multinationals including Philips, DSM, Aspen Pharma and IGM resins.


By taking the synergy between cultures and people as a starting point, the search for a common solution becomes much easier and a sustainable cooperation is created.

Alone you may go faster, but together you will go further! Based on that philosophy, I am now active as 4SCENERGIZER and I support parties with:

  • Driven by passion (PASSION)
  • Connecting with people (PEOPLE)
  • Collaboration within and between organizations (PLANET)
  • Setting clear objectives and optimizing results (PROFIT)

4SCENERGY is therefore the interpretation of my passion that I like to let others use.