“Creating a new theory is not the same as demolishing an old barn and building a skyscraper in its place. It is much more like climbing a mountain, seeing new and expansive views and discovering unexpected connections between our starting point and its rich environment” Albert Einstein

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The environment is changing. This may require internal changes that go beyond what your organisation or department can handle. You suddenly have to be socially accountable. Should we merge? A new competitor sees many promising new growth opportunities, but your own organisation is not yet ready for this. All of this can cause escape behaviour, leaving you clinging on – in the worst case – at the bottom of the market. By using an integrated business analysis that we developed ourselves, we can advise you on the steps your organisation should take to reach a higher market segment.

Interim, Project and Change Management

A step-by-step approach from the ground up instead of ad-hoc actions for narrow improvements. Starting with mission, vision and strategy and ending with measurable maximum returns on people and resources. The results must naturally be safeguarded so that your organisation can then respond flexibly when the rules of the game change. We naturally make use of the knowledge and experience of employees for this.