“If you pick the best player for each position, that doesn’t give you a strong team, it gives you one that falls apart like loose sand” Johan Cruijff

PEOPLE | People-oriented | Cooperation | Alignment | Ownership | Balanced | Right person in the right place


Team analysis

We map out the strength and energy of a team using a validated metric that focuses on development potential. After this measurement, individuals can take charge of their role and use their natural energy to create synergy within and between their teams.


Your people are your capital and you naturally want to get the most out of them. Profit. Results. Success. But employees are also people. Individuals with a character, a past, a faith, dreams and wishes, and all of them with a story to tell. Does it all work together well? Is everyone playing the right part? Differences between your employees can make a team successful or… not.


New forms of work are emerging that involve such things as professional autonomy and ownership. 4SCENERGY welcomes this. These things offer a greater return to talent but also greatly affect how teams communicate and collaborate, both inside and outside an organisation. 4SCENERGY is happy to help you prepare your teams for the future.