Discover the secrets of successful sales and sourcing/purchasing!

Our new training course is specially designed for sales and sourcing/purchasing professionals who want to sharpen their skills by using combined successful sales and sourcing/purchasing experience.

What can you expect?

1. Collaboration between Sales and Sourcing/Purchasing: Learn how to collaborate effectively with your negotiating partner. Understand their perspective and discover how to build valuable relationships.

2. Interview techniques: Develop your interview skills using proven interview techniques. Learn how to ask the right questions to understand your customers’/partner’s needs.

3. Gaining Trust: Trust is essential in negotiations. We share strategies to gain the trust of your customers, based on the experience of buyers.

4. Structure in Conversations: A structured conversation leads to better results. Discover how to build a conversation, from introduction to conclusion.

5. Dealing with Objections: Objections are inevitable. Learn how to proactively tackle them and turn them into opportunities.

Why choose our training?

Experience: Our trainers have years of sales and sourcing/purchasing experience. They understand the challenges and share practical tips;

Result-oriented: We strive for measurable results. After this training you will notice that your conversations are more effective and your skills and results improve;

• Individual Attention: Our groups are small, so you get personal feedback and can improve your skills in a targeted manner.

For more information about these training course, both in the profit and non-profit sector, please contact:

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René Zoetmulder


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