I regularly give webinars, for individuals and healthcare providers, about hypnotherapy. In this I tell and let you experience what hypnotherapy is.

These webinars are free and can be followed from your own computer at home. Please feel free to contact us when the next date is scheduled.

We also have a number of webinars on our website in which I explain what hypnotherapy is and how you can lose weight permanently


We have developed a whole range of podcasts that are free to listen to. These provide both information about hypnotherapy and can give you relaxation or relief from your complaints


New clients often like to have a first telephone contact to experience whether hypnotherapy could mean something to them.

Do not hesitate to call for a first contact to align your expectations.

Workshops and lectures

I give lectures and workshops about the super-power of the unconscious and its applicability in daily life and work situations

Measuring the drives

Discover the influence your unconscious has on your performance and your daily life by measuring the drives acting in the subconscious

Are you not yet familiar with the ODC measurement and curious about it? Then view this free webinar

Creative working methods

Use our highly creative working methods, development programs and tools to design inspiring brainstorming sessions in teams and organisations