Anything that annoys us in others can lead us to understand something about ourselves,” Carl Jung

HYPNOTHERAPY | Lack of energy | Unexplained complaints | Chronic complaints | Blockages | Patterns | Finding strength in yourself

The information that we perceive through our senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) is stored in our subconscious. This process happens even while you are still in the womb! Every moment of the day we keep adding to this incredibly large database.

When we sleep at night, new sensory information is processed again and neatly stored in the correct “archive folder” in our unconscious.

Did you know that 90-95% (!!) of our behaviour is determined by the vast database of knowledge and experience you accumulate during your life?

Usually this is very useful as it lets us draw on a huge fund of tacit knowledge without having to think about it! How wonderful is that! This lets us do much more than we think!

However, if we find ourselves in a situation that reminds us of difficult experiences from the past, our unconscious can also get in the way … you notice that when you experience physical complaints, fears, sadness, blockages or undesirable behaviour or experience energy loss. That’s when hypnotherapy can help.

Through hypnotherapy (body-oriented exercises, conversations and trance) I can teach you how you can use your unconscious to resolve your complaints YOURSELF. Isn’t it amazing that YOU can also do this YOURSELF?