“Stay Humble – Hustle Hard”

4SCENERGY embarked on an exciting journey to Shanghai, partnering with a global entertainment company to deliver a comprehensive, tailormade training program.

4SCENERGY’s program, Stay Humble – Hustle Hard”, tailored for the Shanghai procurement team of a global entertainment company, was to offer valuable perspectives on various procurement topics:

  • The development of sourcing strategies;
  • Effective engagement with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Feedforward instead of Feedback;
  • The interpretation of body language;
  • Steven Covey’s 13 behaviours of trust;
  • Sustainable relation based on “To Know, To Like, To Trust”.

Our training program received invaluable feedback from the procurement team in Shanghai, summarized in the following key takeaways:

  • Interactive learning, engaging and practical;
  • Up-to-date knowledge and skills;
  • Exercises based on real projects;
  • Creative, passionate and challenging;
  • Sharing methodologies and observations;
  • Pushing trainees out of their comfort zones;
  • Mixture of slides, exercises and videos etc.

The Stakeholder Identification and mapping session is really impressive, which I will utilize in future work.
Participant training “Stay Humble – Hustle hard”

4SCENERGY is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, and we will continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients.  We look forward to more successful training experiences, transforming procurement teams worldwide.