Also obstacles at work…

Changes at work are not always easy. The demands placed on us are high. Coaching or training is often used but proves ineffective. And that’s understandable …

With stubborn patterns, the cause is much deeper and has nothing to do with rational thinking, comprehension, logic or processes. We are then dealing with the subconscious, with that which takes place “under the surface”.

Some examples. Have you always been instructed to:

  • Listen? | How are you then going to fulfil your role in a self-organising team?
  • Finish what you start? | So when do you decide it’s time to stop a project because it doesn’t work?
  • Substantiate with facts? | Then how do you use your gut feeling to make quick decisions?
  • Work with a step-by-step plan? | Then how do you use your intuition to arrive at a long-term perspective?

There are countless examples where our unconscious can obstruct our development, hinder cooperation with others and make changes fail completely.

…can be solved!

Hypnotherapy can be used very effectively in work situations. I have done extensive research on this myself and put it into practice.

In my practice I use hypnotherapy in the following work situations:

  • Vision and strategy development;
  • Peer coaching meetings;
  • When an individual, team or organisation encounters obstacles and behaviour patterns that obstruct further development;
  • There is insufficient connection between an individual or team and the work situation;
  • An obstacle or behaviour pattern is experienced in organisational development or change;
  • Work pressure is too high;
  • Stress or burnout.

To bridge the gap between thinking/logic/reason and the unconscious, I use a validated motivation measurement on the subconscious. In this way, you will discover that the guidance is far from being “woolly” in that it lets you use your unconscious to actively improve your business results and learn how to direct your own contribution in your work situation.