In hypnotherapy, many tools can be used to gain insights. These tools include family structure, voice dialogue, transactional analysis, IEMT, EMDR, NLP, nonviolent communication, emotional Reichian bodywork, reincarnation therapy, music, breathing exercises, language of signs, etc.

We can also make use of trance. The trance is a tool for detaching yourself spiritually from the environment and making contact with your inner reality, your unconscious.

Is trance disturbing? Do I lose control over myself? Can you make me do things I don’t want to do?…………………NO!

Many of us experience trance several times a day and initiate it ourselves.  It is a natural process. You can experience trance, self-hypnosis, for example when you read an engrossing book or drive a car. You can be so focused that you cannot hear someone calling you, you have no sense of time or you cannot remember going along part of the road.

The Trance is not sleep, but rather makes you alert. It promotes focus and gives you more control over yourself. It is a natural process that you do not have to fear and over which you have full control, just as with reading a book or driving a car.

Through trance, I help you to make controlled contact with previous experiences through guided imagery. We then take these insights with us to the here-and-now. As a result, you experience control over yourself in resolving your complaints and getting renewed energy.