Anonymously (02-01-2024)

“Carla is a very friendly, smart, open woman with many qualities. A pleasant woman with whom you feel comfortable”

Inge (15-08-2023)

“Carla is a very experienced and professional psychosocial hypnotherapist, she will work with you to find where blockages are and then remove them. This is very effective. In addition, she is a nice person and broadly oriented to participate in these sessions. I recommend her!”

Anonymously (16-03-2023)

“Carla is very professional and makes the sessions incredibly accessible. She really opens up and connects, which creates a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. The sessions are creatively designed and after each appointment I had inspiration and insights to get started with”


I ended up with Carla through a colleague. In the beginning I was skeptical, halfway full of wonder and by the end I still can’t explain how it works but I can say that it helped.

I feel more stable and can correct my behavior / attitude faster and better. Very glad I took this step!


Carla is open honest, loving and pure with all the best intentions.

Carla has angelic patience and does not impose anything on you helps you to find your own self at your pace nothing is obligatory everything is allowed because of the honesty and warmth you quickly feel at ease all in all experienced as very pleasant and yes I have found my self and found peace and the must is gone.


When I came to Carla over six months ago, I had trouble sleeping, suffered from anxiety and was very insecure. Carla helped me sleep better, calm down and listen to myself better, she also gave me a lot of insights!

I have experienced such growth and also enjoyed the process even though it was not always easy and often very emotional.

I immediately felt at ease with Carla and she always listened and understood me, after each session I left ‘lightened’.

I look back with great pleasure and pride on the journey we have traveled together.

Carla, thank you!!!


Carla is a spontaneous woman. She is a good listener and knows how to express the question for help well. I have great confidence in her


I recently went to see Carla and she helped me a lot and made me stronger in a lot of things that played in my life! I am much stronger now and am super happy with my result thanks to Carla.


Carla is a real people person who completely empathizes with your situation, which made me feel at ease right from the start and dared to open up.

She helped me understand myself better. Why I have certain reactions to situations and show myself through (among other things) hypnosis that this is not necessary. This makes me feel lighter, happier and I’m much more comfortable in my skin.

Carla is great at what she does, and I would therefore definitely recommend 4SCENERGY to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and to live better in their own skin.


I came to Carla because I had read on the internet that hypnotherapy could help with sleeping problems. I have benefited from this therapy. the problem has not been completely resolved, but I am still satisfied with the outcome, because the therapy has given me peace in my thoughts and as a result I experience more peace and confidence that things will go better the next night.

In addition, Carla helped me very well with processing a number of things, which made me feel more secure in life and have gained more appreciation for myself.

Because this kind of process takes time, I have now taken a break, but I am actually eager to continue this process. Of course under the guidance of Carla, I have no doubt about that.

In addition to her broad knowledge and professionalism, Carla is a very nice, spontaneous woman. She listens very well and is able to analyze the request for help, even from a muddled story.


Are you looking for someone who can shape practice and theory in a wonderfully creative way? Then you should definitely make an appointment with Carla Verkeste!

creative, open minded, intuitive but also a good communicator.

Every meeting is another party.

Have fun developing!


Carla is a no-nonsense people manager who gives you as an employee the space to do your job as a professional. She thinks along with you in case of problems and stimulates your creativity and self-reliance, challenging you to learn by trying it out yourself, giving you the confidence that you can do it.

However, she is also not afraid to “call you on the mat” if you are less productive than can be expected of you, whereby you are held accountable for your own responsibility.

As a person and as a manager I appreciate her enormously. As an independent entrepreneur I admire her / driven, very good at building a network and maintaining her relationships warmly.

In my opinion, she understands how you attract customers to you and how you bind them to you.

A winner!


Carla has strong analytical skills, which allows her to quickly understand complex questions and come up with original results.

In her work she combines soul and professionalism in a very professional manner.

As a result, people become involved and the conclusions and recommendations of her assignment lead to greater commitment from everyone.