Ik ben Carla Verkeste

That I became a psychosocial hypnotherapist has a reason…………I will tell you my story:


After studying Biochemistry at college, I became a scientist in medicine and got my PhD in medicine.

After our first child was stillborn, I literally experienced that with all my knowledge, guts, drive and decisiveness not everything could be solved.………

After that I was (interim) manager and projectleader for many years. Here too I experienced again that, despite all the knowledge and commitment, many projects and changes in organizations only partially succeeded when things were arranged from the “thinking”


Our subconscious determines for 95% what we do!

With this insight I started training to become a coach for analytical depth psychology and psychosocial hypnotherapist (HypenZo, 4-year course at Bsc level Waalre). This brought together everything I have built up in knowledge and experience in my 60 years of life:

  • My passion (PASSION)
  • The connection between people (PEOPLE)
  • Collaboration between organizations (PLANET)
  • Clear objectives and results (PROFIT)

This makes 4SCENERGY the holistic translation of my life that I like to let others use.