We can draw on our many years of experience in a very diverse network – one that includes various Dutch multinationals – to provide our customers with the expertise needed for balancing the 4Ps (Passion, People, Planet, Profit – 4SCENES) in the way best suited to their actual situations.

We help you to make your organisation dynamic and resilient in the face of a rapidly changing environment.

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My name is René Zoetmulder and your point of contact for support in organisations

4SCENERGY and the 4P’s

4SCENERGY has translated the answers to your questions into customised services for the 4Ps, which you can work on separately according to your situation and budget.

Look for more information about specific customised services for tackling each of these issues


How do we achieve higher returns in terms of, for example, profitability, professional development or distinctiveness?


How can we improve our results by working with other parties?


How can my team achieve the best results in a balanced way?


How do my employees achieve maximum performance?